What to Bring

  1.   You need to bring all your food and beverages

  2.   Water can be used from the lake, we suggest boiling it if you do

  3.   Your sleeping gear, sleeping bags or blankets, etc.

  4.   The bunks have mattresses only

  5.   All your fishing gear and bait and coolers for transport

  6.   Personal flotation devices PFDs

  7.   There is a gas refrigerator in each cabin

  8.   Your personal items, towels, toothbrush, etc.

  9.   Passport, drivers license, or birth certificate (photo ID)

  10.   If you are bringing non adults with you and both parents are not  along, be sure to bring a permission slip from the missing parent that all is OK

  11.   Of course, don’t forget a camera!!