What to Bring to Camp

In our camp, we offer a variety of things for everyone to enjoy. However, the main reason people come to us is that we welcome both seasoned and new hunters into our woods. We promise everyone who comes to us that they will have ample opportunity to bring home that prize catch, while also ensuring that you have to earn your right to take it home. Our wildlife is not trapped in the area. They are free to roam and you must rely on your skills, along with your equipment, if you want to catch them.

Things You Need

HuntingVestWhen you visit us, there are a few things that you may want to bring along with you to help you on your hunt. This includes you bringing along the right clothing for the weather, an orange vest or something similar to ensure you blend into the forest for stay visible to other hunters in the area, and similar items. You will also want to bring your most favorite gun and ammo. Most people do recommend that you bring along a rifle scope that is accurate and gives you a clear view. The people who come to visit us suggest that you search for and find the best rifle scope for AR 15, because of the fact that we give our wildlife free roam so that you do not feel as though you are in a hunting camp.

Additional Things You May Want

If you plan to stay with us for a weekend there are several other things you may want to bring along. Fresh water, a change of clothes, snacks, your camera, your cell phone, etc. Some of our hunters choose to bring along bug spray for times when they are not in the woods, sprays that make their scent less noticeable, and soap or shampoo for extended stays within our camp. They bring allergy medication or other types of medication that they may need. They bring along a variety of things that make them, and their stay with us, as comfortable and as possible, so that they can relax and enjoy their hunt.

Most Importantly, Come Prepared for Fun

ScopeMountingOur camp is a hunting camp. We ask that you come visit us prepared to have a great time. We ask that everyone who visits us to be prepared for fun. We do not want visitors who are unable to play safely and nicely. All of our guests are here to simply enjoy the thrill of the hunt. If you are new to the sport, you need to learn what you are doing before you show up, this includes learning how to mount a scope on your rifle. We have had visitors who were new enough to not know and they expect others to help them. We ask that you show up prepared for fun and adventure, but that you also come prepared with everything you need so that our other guests do not have to worry about stumbling upon you in the woods.