Tom tries to keep things as simple as possible, but if you do have a special situation or want to do something you do not see here, just contact us and we will work it out for you.  Tom will make it work so you and your group can get to Tom’s Camps and catch some fish.


We offer a 4 day packages for each of our southern camps.  They include Ara and Marshall. Each camp can hold up to six people.  A four day trip costs $2750.  This is for one cabin.  The best deal is to have six in the party.  If you want to stay longer, add $60/day/person.  Again this is for one cabin.  

These costs include the flight from Nakina to the lake and cabin of your choice and back to Nakina.

Our usual trip leaves Nakina very early in the morning.  The time varies between 6:00AM and 8:00AM depending on the time of year and the weather.

The flight back would be about the same time in the morning when the next lucky fisherman arrive.

 The cost for each cabin is $500/six days for the first two persons.  If more than two, each person will add $100 to this rate.  We have three cabins to pick from at the base camp right now with the fourth one soon to be completed.  

The daily rate is $50/day/person.

Boats and motors and gasoline are extra.

A boat/motor is $60/day
Gasoline is at the current rate


Hanover has one cabin.  This is a drive to lake.

We are offering and special package for this camp.  If you provide you own boat, motor, and gas, you and  your group (up to four persons) can stay for 4 days for a great cost of only $960.00.


We offer 7 day trips for the northern camps.  These run from Sunday to Sunday.

These rates are for Dusey.

6 or more persons…….$830.00 per person

5 persons……………..$940.00 per person

4 persons…………….$1000.00 per person

2 persons……………$1300.00 per person

These rates are for Teabeau Lake and Miska Lake.

6 or more persons…….$880.00 per person

5 persons……………..$1000.00 per person

4 persons…………….$1050.00 per person

2 persons……………$1400.00 per person

These costs include the flight from Nakina to the lake and the cabin of your choice and back to Nakina.


All rates are in US dollars.  All taxes are included. A $100 per person, non refundable deposit is required to hold the reservation with full payment prior to departure to your outpost.  For the deposit we accept person checks, cash, travelers checks, money orders, cashier checks, and credit cards thru PAYPAL.  Final payment will need to be either cash or traveler’s checks.  Questions, please contact us.

All rates are subject to change at any time


You will be limited to #115 of gear per person.  Overloads will be charged according to flying costs.