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Where is Nakina??

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We are already starting to get lots of new groups signing up with us for next summer.  I know it is going to be a great year.  Ontario has never disappointed.  And our lakes are among the best that Northern Ontario has.  Most of our clients are return customers.  They know when they find something good.  Many of our new customers will not new very long.  Once they get a line in the water and see these beautiful lakes and catch fish like they have never caught anyplace else, they will be coming back.

So why don’t you join us for that first trip and you too will be hooked. (no pun intended)

Tom and Nakina and Ontario welcome you!!

You will never forget it !

Good fishing !!


Arriving Into Camp

Although we have a fishing camp in Nakina, Ontario, but we like to think of ourselves as a hidden gem. We like to invite only a few people to our space so that the beauty of it can remain as untouched as possible. That is why most people do not know we are even hidden in those woods. As a visitor, you will need to know how to find us and how to locate the right area when arriving into camp.

Your Arrival

privatepropertyWe are not located close to the road and there are no banners or signs that point to us being a fishing camp. This simple fact may seem a little odd to some, but we have good reason. We prefer to not have our special area advertised to the general public on a very large scale. By keeping it a secret, we also avoid solicitors who may try to sell us a lot of amenities that we, nor our guests, really need. That is why when you are driving along on the main highway, you will have to look for a driveway gate. It is a solar powered gate, so you will need to call ahead to find out how to gain entry. From there, the trip will be simple and as beautiful as the natural environment we built our camp to be a part of.farmgate

Enjoying the Way

We think it is important for people to see the world as we see it. As you pass through the gate using a solar powered gate opener, you will leave the world behind. You will have the opportunity to see wildlife as you travel down a long gravel road toward our camp. crossingThere are birds hiding in the trees and you can hear their call, even if you cannot see them hiding in the branches. You may see other smaller animals on the ground and we do ask that you slowly travel so that you do not hurt one of them. You will see a canopy of trees over you that may block your view of the sky. We tried to leave it as nature intended. As you come closer to the camp, you will start to see glimpses of the lake through the trees and most people say that it is breathtaking to see how the sunlight glints off of it after the canopy of trees was so dark.

Enjoy Our Piece of Natural Wonders

wildturkeyOur goal is to give people an escape from their hectic lives. We want them to come here and enjoy fishing and camping out. We just installed the gate last year thanks to this site, as our effort to continually improving privacy.We want you to feel as though you have left the world behind for a better place. All we ask in return is that you enjoy your stay with us and try to leave our piece of nature the same way that it was when you arrived. By doing this, you are helping us to preserve the beauty so that other people can come visit us and leave their worries at home. Are you ready to see what you will find once you arrive into camp?

What to Bring to Camp

In our camp, we offer a variety of things for everyone to enjoy. However, the main reason people come to us is that we welcome both seasoned and new hunters into our woods. We promise everyone who comes to us that they will have ample opportunity to bring home that prize catch, while also ensuring that you have to earn your right to take it home. Our wildlife is not trapped in the area. They are free to roam and you must rely on your skills, along with your equipment, if you want to catch them.

Things You Need

HuntingVestWhen you visit us, there are a few things that you may want to bring along with you to help you on your hunt. This includes you bringing along the right clothing for the weather, an orange vest or something similar to ensure you blend into the forest for stay visible to other hunters in the area, and similar items. You will also want to bring your most favorite gun and ammo. Most people do recommend that you bring along a rifle scope that is accurate and gives you a clear view. The people who come to visit us suggest that you search for and find the best rifle scope for AR 15, because of the fact that we give our wildlife free roam so that you do not feel as though you are in a hunting camp.

Additional Things You May Want

If you plan to stay with us for a weekend there are several other things you may want to bring along. Fresh water, a change of clothes, snacks, your camera, your cell phone, etc. Some of our hunters choose to bring along bug spray for times when they are not in the woods, sprays that make their scent less noticeable, and soap or shampoo for extended stays within our camp. They bring allergy medication or other types of medication that they may need. They bring along a variety of things that make them, and their stay with us, as comfortable and as possible, so that they can relax and enjoy their hunt.

Most Importantly, Come Prepared for Fun

ScopeMountingOur camp is a hunting camp. We ask that you come visit us prepared to have a great time. We ask that everyone who visits us to be prepared for fun. We do not want visitors who are unable to play safely and nicely. All of our guests are here to simply enjoy the thrill of the hunt. If you are new to the sport, you need to learn what you are doing before you show up, this includes learning how to mount a scope on your rifle. We have had visitors who were new enough to not know and they expect others to help them. We ask that you show up prepared for fun and adventure, but that you also come prepared with everything you need so that our other guests do not have to worry about stumbling upon you in the woods.


clean-deck-300x225For most people, their deck and patio is their most favorite place to be. It does not matter whether you have a small enough deck that you can only place a couple chairs, or if you have a deck that is large enough to hold an entire family reunion. You will love spending time on it, as long as it looks the way you wanted it to when it was built. However, to ensure your deck stays beautiful, you will have to handle some very important, perhaps not so fun, maintenance. This involves waterproofing, staining, cleaning, and various other not so enjoyable tasks. The good news is, you can easily learn how to clean your deck or patio, as long as you have the right tools for the job, and it can also take some of the “work” out of doing so.

Preparing to Clean

This part of the cleaning process is not always easy. It depends on what you may have on your deck or patio area, what type of cleaning tools you plan to use, and what the area is made of. If you have a dog or a cat who enjoys laying on your patio, you may also need to find a way to keep him off of the area while you are washing it down. Otherwise, they could easily mistake the detergent filled water for pure water and get sick or, if you are using a powerful pressure washer, your beloved pet could decide that a game of chase the water is fun and get hurt by it. You will also want to remove any furniture you may have in that area as well as any other items that may get damaged when you are washing, including plants that may be sensitive to the chemical detergents if you are using them. If you are unable to move your plants, you may want to reconsider your detergent or figure out a way to block that area from getting a lot of runoff water.

What You Need

The items you will need, depend greatly on whether you are choosing to scrub your deck the hard way or if you have a 3000 PSI electric pressure washer within easy reach, and what your deck is made of. If you have a concrete patio, you will have to worry less about what it is made of, whereas if you have a wooden deck that is made of a soft wood that is easily damaged, you have to do a little trial and error.

If you are choosing the hard way of doing things, you will need scrub brushes, your water hose, a bucket for detergent, a water nozzle for your garden hose, and perhaps knee pads to protect your knees from getting sore. This is because if you live in a very dusty or pollen filled area, you may spend a lot of time on your knees scrubbing at those tough to clean areas.


Do you dream of a fishing trip like none other? Are you comfortable embracing the wildlife around you while you fish for trout on a quiet lake? That is what our camp offers you. However, this is not all that we will provide you with on your next fishing trip.


This is a fishing camp that provides more than a simple fishing experience. Your adventure will begin before you ever see the cabin you will call home while here. The first part of your journey will include a simple flight where you will be able to see some of the amazing landscapes around where you will be staying. From the sky you will also be able to see the lake that you will soon be fishing in.


When the plane lands, you will be transported to a cabin in the woods. This cabin will offer everything you can possibly imagine. Each cabin includes a private kitchen, living area, bedroom or bedrooms, and private bathrooms. They are fully functional cabins that you will have the ability to feel at home in. This is made even more impressive by the fact that we only use the best portable generator on the market to keep you comfortable.

The Ultimate Fishing Experiences Happen Here

You can fish for trout all day if you want to. You can visit the lake from morning until the sun sets. Many people have a lot of luck when they fish in our lake. It is a fishing trip that you will never forget and it does not matter whether you are visiting during the warmer months or on those chilly days. You will be glad you gave us a chance to impress you with the abundance of our fish and their overall size.

Come Home with Us

At the end of your long fishing day, you will come home to your cabin again. We did all the necessary research to find the best, quietest generators on the market. We did it, not for our comfort, but for you and your guests comfort. Whether you want to fire up your laptop, kick back with a cold beverage, or take a long hot shower, the Generac generators reviews clearly state that it can keep up with you. No matter how many people are within your fishing group.


Then, when the day is completely done and you are ready to call it a night, you can turn off the lights and relax in a comfortable bed with a full belly from preparing and eating your catch of the day. It is during this time that you can relax and dose off knowing that tomorrow is another day and another fish waiting on you to catch it.

At the end of your trip, you will fly back to civilization while perhaps already planning your next fishing trip. Best of all, you will have plenty of stories to tell the people who were not lucky enough to join you on this trip to our little piece of Canada.